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Sad and SAD

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Posted by Stacy Doctoroff on 12/7/2014


Now that the days are shorter and darkness looms much earlier, are you finding your moods changing? Some people react negatively to the fall and winter months but when spring arrives they become happy again. This affliction is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. 

How do you know if you have SAD or just have a decrease in your mood? According to Winter Blues or Seasonal Afftive Disorder (SAD) (Psychology Today, February 12, 2014), Dr. Jonathan Fader mentions Dr. Kelly Rohan’s definition of  SAD as “a regular seasonal pattern of major depressive episodes during the fall and winter months with periods of full improvement in the spring and summer.” While this is her definition she doesn’t believe that one should self diagnose or self treat.

One of the most important aspects of SAD is that people are not blue or down constantly. Fighting these blues is possible with the correct strategies. According to her Huffington Post blog (Jan. 26, 2013), Beating the Blues, Dr. Debbie Magids gives us three good themes that have goals attached to them. She talks about pushing ourselves forward and not just waiting for the blues to go away. The themes are:

“Theme #1: Activities that touch your soul; Theme #2: Activities that get your creativity flowing; and Theme #3: Activities that focus on others versus allowing you to remain focused on yourself.”

As someone who thinks they have SAD looks at these themes they must be able to find, from within themselves, what activities will excite them. It may take effort to get moving but, in life, we have choices. Each person must figure out a way to not continue to give into their sadness and create a manner to move forward and live life with joy and passion.

Even though those with SAD will come out of their blues in spring and summer, it does not diminish the need to talk through this seasonal crisis and create the motivation and resources to get through this difficult time.  Along with Dr. Magids’ plan, there are other ideas to assist you in finding a place of peace.  Make an appointment and let me help you find a way to navigate through these winter months. If you are feeling down, call me for an appointment and together let’s make the winter months as bright as the spring and summer.


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