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Good Mood Exercising

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Posted by Stacy Doctoroff on 2/3/2014


While I may not be a fitness instructor or a nutritionist, I am a (limited) licensed therapist who knows our body plays a role in our day-to-day happiness. When we are overweight, we are less motivated to help ourselves. Daily tasks such as: working, playing with the kids, keeping up with the house work, become daily struggles. Yet, exercise is not always about the weight.

In therapy, we talk about “putting you first”, “coping mechanisms” and “releasing stress.” Exercise is a tool which a person can use to assist themselves not just physically but also mentally. In December of 2011, the American Psychological Association’s cover story, by Kirsten Weir, was about the effect of exercise with regard to stress and moods which include depression and anxiety. According to this article there is research stating that while exercise helps with short-term issues it also can help with “long-term depression.” One of the more important points that the article stated was that exercise helps with preventing relapses of depression.

This sounds so simple. Exercise equals feeling better. What if one is having a hard time getting started or staying the course? Each person is motivated differently and sometimes, while in therapy, the client and therapist can, together, find the motivation, keep the client accountable, and track the changes in stress, anxiety and/or depression.  One of the most important ways to track the changes is for the client to make certain they continue to exercise when are feeling stress.

 As we continue in this cold weather, know that I am there for all of my old and new clients to talk about how exercise cannot only help your physical well-being but your mental well-being too.


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