SK Doctoroff Counseling and Therapy in Southfield Michigan

Counseling in Southfield Michigan

Stacy K Doctoroff MA LLPC NCC is a licensed therapist and life management coach that serves the Southfield, Livonia, Farmington, Royal Oak, Ferndale, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Oak Park, Lathrup Village, Franklin, Berkley, and Troy areas.


zenWhat is a Counselor?

Counselors help people to explore feelings and emotions that are often related to their experiences. This allows their clients to reflect on what is happening to them and consider alternative ways of doing things. 

Counselors work in a confidential setting and listen attentively to their clients. They offer them the time, empathy and respect they need to express their feelings and perhaps understand themselves from a different perspective. The aim is reduce their confusion and enable them to cope with challenges or to make positive changes in their life where necessary.

Counselors do not give advice, but help clients to make their own choices within the framework of an agreed counselling contract.

There is also no clear distinction between the terms counselling and psychotherapy, and both can encompass a range of talking therapies.

As local residents of the Detroit Metro area we at Stacy K Doctoroff Counseling in Southfield Michigan strive to help our patients feel at home. Your comfort and well being are our number one priority as you seek help with any areas of your and your families lives. Please contact us today to schedule a time to talk about anything that’s on your mind.